Price list for high-end scans with Hasselblad Flextight scanners

If you need professional scans with an excellent image quality you are exactly right with our high-end scan-service. With our Hasselblad Felxtight virtual drum scanners we can produce extremely high quality scans, whose image quality hardly can be topped.

Hasselblad Flextight X1

If you take a loot at our Filmscanner ranking list (only in German available) you will notice immediately that the Hasselblad Flextight scanners are the best scanners, which are available on the market at the moment. The prices for Hasselblad scanners are in the range of a lower class or medium class car.

With our High-End Scanning-Service you get professional scans from Hasselblad Flextight scanners, which are made from experienced scanner operators, which are skilled photographers. In our high-end scan service each picture will be scanned, checked and (optionally) postprocessed separately. Before scanning the film material will be cleaned from rough dust with the help of compressed air and anti statik brushes. In spite of this pre-cleaning tiny hairs and fluff can be recognized on the scans at a high zoom factor, which have to be retouched afterwards in the image editing program. Gladly we take this job for you within the scope of our professional image editing service.

In the scope of our professional service we carry out each feasibly special request from you on a fixed hourly rate. If you have special requests on the scans, if you desire a professional image editing after scanning, if you need an individual naming with IPTC-data or if your films must be specially prepared before scanning, just contact us before your order - you will get an extensive consultation from our professional photographers. Please write the maximal number of ours on the order form under professional service, if you want to commission us with such special requests. In the field remarks you can tell us your special requests, of course also by phone or by e-mail.

Important note about data backup: You will get your scans either on DVDs, USB-stick or on an external USB hard drive. DVDs, USB sticks and USB hard drives have an average expectation of live of many years, however, they can also break after a short time or loose their data. Therefore it is necessary by all means that you check the data and make an additional backup immediately after receiving the storage media; we delete your data after approx. 4 weeks irrevocably.

For our services there are legal warranty rights. We will destroy film material, you have sent to us, or data media, we have provided for you, after one year, if you don't pay our invoice within one year or if we don't have a valid address for the return shipment.

Current information about duration of order
Normal scan orders: 3-6 working days

Minimum order quantity: 5 pieces (also mixed)

film typePrice incl. VAT
Mounted 35mm slides 5000 dpi5,00 €
Pictures on 35mm film strips 6300 dpi5,00 €
Medium format (120mm) films 3200 dpi5,00 €
Large format films 2040 dpi9,00 €
35mm panorama films 6300 dpi5,00 €
Storage of the scans on DVD, price per DVD6,00 €
Storage of the scans on a 32 GB USB stick 1)20,00 €
Storage of the scans on a 64 GB USB stick 1)30,00 €
Storage of the scans on a 128 GB USB stick 1)50,00 €
Storage of the scans on a 500 GB USB hard drive 1)100,00 €
Storage of the scans on a 1000 GB USB hard drive 1)150,00 €
Professional service: price per hour50,00 €

Mounted 35mm slides are the only films which can be scanned with the mounts; all other film sorts have to be in the form of singular frames or film strips. In the 5x5cm mounts there may be arbitrary film sorts, i.e. standard 35mm films (24x36mm) or full format films up to 40x40mm, Pocket frames (13x17mm) or 24x24mm films.

35mm film strips can be processed up to a length of 226mm, i.e. on a film strips there may be up to 6 frames of 24x36mm or 8 frames of 24x24mm. We have to cut longer film strips into stripes. Also singular, loose pictures can be scanned. We scan only complete film strips or rolls, the selection of single frames from a strip or roll is impossible to handle.

Medium format films (120/220mm roll films) can be digitized in all standard formats between 6x4,5cm and 6x19cm (maxium image section 57x182mm). Also film strips with several frames up to a length of 57x182mm can be processed. A selection of single frames within a film strip is not possible.

Large formats may have the standard formats 9x12 (83x113 mm image section), 4x5" (94x119 mm) or 13x18 (120x172mm).

35mm panoarama films (X-Pans) may have the standard formats 24x58mm or 24x66mm or an arbitrary format between 24x36mm and 24x226mm. A selection of single frames within a film strip is not possible.

For your order, please, choose on our site Order Form the order form for the High-End Scan-Service.

Shipment costs Germany/International

We send burned data CDs and DVDs as normal letters to you; film- and video material as well as USB sticks and USB hard disks we send only as DPD-parcels with 500 € insurance.

Shipment costs within Germany incl. VAT Germany
Shipment of CDs/DVDs in a letter2,00 €
Shipment of film material and storage mediums in an insured parcel8,00 €

The prices for the digitalization are the same for national and international customers, however, the shipment costs are different from country to country.

Customers from EU-countries with a valid value added tax identification number and customers from Non EU countries (Swizzerland, Liechtenstein) will be supplied without German value added tax.

We politely ask customers from Non European Community countries to get in touch with us before sending film material to us, so that we can inform you about the customs modalities. Please, note, that we do not offer a value added tax refund subsequently if you pick up your film material and your data medium in our office and export it by yourself.

Shipment costs within Europe incl. VAT Letter Parcel
EU countries5,00 €32,00 €
Liechtenstein, Switzerland5,00 €40,00 €

1) In the price there is included the data transfer from the used scan stations, the data check, the final check and a new USB stick or USB hard drive.

High-End Scan-Service